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Susquehanna Apothecary was originally created as a way to generate income streams from small amounts of sustainably harvested wild plants in order to pay professional foragers and permaculturists to be out in the landscape, regenerating degraded ecosystems. They decided to jump into the wholesale market with a line of handcrafted tinctures, formulated with intention and care. Forager’s Formulas offer consumers a simple yet powerful way to take back their health while cultivating a deeper connection with nature.
The challenge was to create labels for 20 products in three categories (basic tinctures, tinctures with hemp and salves) that clearly communicate the product information, conveyed the holistic and natural nature of the products while being medicinal and easily organized and distinguishable on the shelf.
The solution was to colour code the categories while using an arrow system to describe whether the product increases: mood, energy, mental clarity, etc., decreases: pain, inflammation, indigestion, etc. or helps cycles like sleep cycles or menstrual cycles.

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